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See you next week!

Good Morning family!

I’m sure that I’m not the only one to say how truly excited I am to see you all next week. It has been long overdue that we come together and worship as one body of Christ.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to read over the precautions that we will be taking for service next week.

As always may God bless you and shine down his love on your life!

Colossians 3

Good Morning Church Family,

I would like to start by saying that I do not intend on turning this into a political debate about what is going on right now. As such, comments for this post will be disabled. This is not a reflection of Apathy, far from it. Part of my personal testimony revolves around how loving, caring, and supportive Franklin Street has been throughout my entire life.

I have never agreed so profoundly with a message from a pastor and this needs to be shared and heard. Christ’s love is for everyone regardless of race, gender, or creed. I have seen many people from all walks of life receive the Holy Spirit because of Christians who were called by the great commission. Love your brothers and sisters. Listen to their cries to be heard.

Rioters are not a reflection of peaceful protesters asking for a voice, they are not the same. Police officers who abuse the law and show excessive force and violence are not a reflection of those who stand devoting their life to our safety and justice, they are not the same. What is the same is that we were all pardoned for lives filled with sin and darkness.

Please pass the love that you were given on to someone else who needs it.

Plans to Re-open Franklin street

Hello all!

We at Franklin Street want you to know that we are doing all that we can to prevent the spread of disease and keep our church family safe.

With that in mind we are planning to re-open and have our first service in several months. We ask that everyone please be aware of the following as that will help us to maintain a clean environment and decrease the risk of exposure as much as possible.

  1. Please be respectful of social distancing. We recommend sitting at least 6 feet apart from other members and avoid creating large groups or standing in high traffic areas . Be mindful that some are more susceptible than others and are at greater risk.
  2. Sanitize often. We are working to provide hand sanitizer to kill any lingering bacteria. Please make use of this resource by sanitizing anytime you come in contact with objects or people. The most common forms of transmission are Airborne(Coughing, sneezing, breathing) and touching contaminated surfaces. Avoid touching your nose, eyes, mouths and other open areas.
  3. Please Wear masks during worship. We encourage people to sing, however it poses a risk of airborne contamination. As a precaution for the band and pastor, as well as those around you, please wear your mask during the service. We will have extra face masks available.
  4. Refrain from physical contact. It is completely understandable that we have all been locked away in isolation for the past few months. I want to hug each and every one of you and I know a lot of you feel the same way. We would ask that physical contact be kept to the absolute minimum and we will not be having a traditional meet and greet. Please be cautious when touching surfaces such as bulletins, common areas, and pew bibles. As stated above we will be providing hand sanitizer. We will place the offering plates in a convenient common area, please respect others space when in use.
  5. Limited restroom availability. In order to localize our cleaning efforts we will be sectioning areas of the church as well as restrooms. Please use the restroom nearest the rear of the Sanctuary on the corner of Franklin and Locust street.

We all want to get back to normal and it is a true blessing to be able to see everyone again. We are doing everything that we can to make sure that everyone is taken care of.

You can rest assured knowing that we are taking the proper measures to sanitize each and every surface that has had contact. This includes wiping and disinfectant as well as additional regular fogging of every high traffic room. Please take the time to file the attendance roster as requested, this will help us keep track of who was affected should an incident occur.

God is good, All the time!

Good Morning Church Family!

It is exciting to see a ray of sunshine after being locked inside for so long. I count my blessing as often as I can to remind myself that I am not in control and only the Father knows what will happen and he truly will shower his faithful with blessings.

I pray that each of you feels the same and are continually blessed until we see each other again.

Happy Mother’s day!

Hello everyone!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate all of the Heroes who sacrifice every day so that all of us stay safe and cared for.

Remember to be thankful to all the doctors, nurses, food workers, and teachers.

And to every Mom and caregiver this Mother’s day I offer my biggest THANK YOU!

You make the world kinder and gentler.

Youtube Service 4-19

Hello Everyone!

We’ve received a large ammount of Feedback that many people are unable to view the Message and worship videos due to being posted on Facebook. This week we are attempting to use Youtube to share Music and a short message. We appreciate your Feedback and if you are having problems please let us know!

You are all loved and we care greatly about the Health and safety of our Members. Please remember to practice good hygiene and flu control, wash your hands regularly and avoid contact with others if at all possible.

REMEMBER: Starting today face coverings are mandatory by Pennsylvania law.