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Haiti is broken.

It is starving, sometimes quite literally.

The entire government is corrupt, and this past year the population finally grew weary and began an uprising. Sadly, even this uprising has been wrought with corruption.

F1 ministries, Jacmel Haiti

It has left the country cut off from supply routes of food, medicine, and any materials needed to work, leaving thousands of people starving and sick.

Travis and Jamie Knipple with their Daughter Mara

Please Visit our F1 Ministries website @ http://www.f1engineering.org/about/ To see how you can help.

What is F1 Engineering?

F1 Engineering is simply my attempt to fulfill the calling God has put in my heart.
When God called me to Haiti after the earthquake in 2010, I though it was for disaster relief. Somewhere in my mind, I still want to be a first responder-type guy who rushes to the scene of the disaster and tried to help put the pieces back together.However, God opened my eyes to something completely different. He has shown me a beautiful country, with a hard working and intelligent local population, and a plethora of compassionate brothers and sisters here trying to serve. Realistically, I see a country with enormous potential, but one of it’s biggest failures is in technical education.


As I came to Haiti, God opened my eyes to the need for my technical background. So, now my mission is summed up with thoughts that are an echo of Nate Saint’s sentiment. As he was starting Missions Aviation Fellowship, he was envisioning it as a means to enable missionaries to do their work better.

For missionaries in Haiti, I aim to take the technical burden off the hands of those who are called to be other things, such as evangelists, pastors, child-care workers, educators, community developers, and the like.
For locals in the short term, I aim to provide a service of providing high quality electrical work, and showing that better standards exist.

For locals in the long term, I aim to teach others to the point that I am expendable. All that I do should be things that locals can learn and take over for me someday. I already have a couple men who I am looking at as apprentices, and I am hoping to start hosting week-long seminars in the future.

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